Due to the #covid19 pandemic many clients and escorts wonder our agency will open again. When the time is right. It is not up to us to say when we will open again, because we need to relay advice from the Canadian government. Our priority is that everyone including stuff and clients stay safe.

What will happen when we reopen our business again? We don’t know yet, once again we will have to follow the guidelines that Canadian government advice us to do. The good news is that Toronto escort business is not about a large crowd gattering, so we assume that risks are low.

What kind of precaution measurements High Society Girls will take? We don’t think that wearing masks will be necessary in the escort business. However some of our Toronto escorts might chose to limit their bookings and only see clients one on one so no group bookings will be allowed. Some Toronto escorts in our agency are eagerer to work again and some do not want to work. It is up to them and their decision to make. The ladies that decide to work we will advise them to take their temperature, monitor their health, limit their bookings and stay as safe as possible.

This is a challenging time for everyone but it’s a challenge that our escort agency is prepared to take.We wish everyone to stay safe and healthy.