Age: 22

Background: Canadian

Stats: 34D-24-34

Weight: 118

Height: 5’5

Hair Color: Blonde

Eyes Color: Blue


Adina is a beautiful, Toronto escort has a real passion for photography and spends as much of her free time honing in on her skills as her time allows for. Although she’s petite her personality is larger then life! She is fearless in every sense of the word and is not one to back down from challenges. She is a believer in always doing the right thing and has a strong , dominant, take charge kind of personality. So if you like your women strong this is the escort for you. Toronto escort Adina  is driven, ambitious, highly motivated and super intelligent so not much gets past her.

She has no tolerance for men that are rude, pushy, aggressive or ill mannered and she has no problems putting you back in your place if you cross her boundaries. Lets just say if you are looking for a lady to tell you how things are going to go  or to take complete control of any situation then this Toronto escort would be your perfect fit for you. One of her favorite types of clients are submissive men that like a take charge kind of lady. With her big, stunning, penetrating eyes staring at you . you will feel like she is looking into your very soul and no matter how hard you try to look away from her intensity you won’t be able to .

Toronto escort Adina will captivate you in ways you could never imagine and you will love every minute of it. Her sex appeal is obvious but it’s not something she even has to work at, as it pores out of her without her even trying. She is the type of Toronto escort that you will never forget and she will make sure of it with her gorgeous face, sexy petite body and dominant personality. To book time with this beauty give our office a call.

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