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There’s A New Spot Opening In downtown Toronto!

Score On Davie, a place famous in Vancouver’s for their insane caesars will be opening a new spot in Toronto scheduled to open late spring at 107 King St E that’s located right in the heart of downtown Toronto.

If you visit Score On King new Toronto location, you need to try one of their signature caesars. There is plenty to pick from, with many of them being so large that they could be a meal for several people. I am sure that this will be a place where we will take our girls for a night time out! You can take out one of the ladies that live near downtown such of Cristina

If you are visiting downtown Toronto in the late spring and want to take one of our escorts out on a date at a new spot in Toronto this will be a fun suggestion. Just make sure you still have enough energy for the end of the date!

If you are staying in downtown Toronto there are many great restaurants and places to go on a date. Many of our escort live in the downtown area so if you are looking for a short notice date than pick one of our downtown Toronto escorts from our gallery.