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It has come to our attention

Hello to all our valued customers and clients. At this time we would like to address some situations and issues that we have been made aware of. We have heard from numerous other agencies that some clients have become aggressive in attitude and in mannerism towards some of the escorts.

This has become concerning to all agencies and independent escorts.So we feel that this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

We expect that when you book time with one of our beautiful escorts that you will be respectful and conduct yourself with class and like a gentleman. There is never any reason to make one of the ladies feel uncomfortable or threatened in any way.The ladies are there to provide you with their time and companionship not to be mistreated, yelled at , cussed or threatened . This type of behavior will NOT be tolerated on any level.The ladies are NOT there to be treated like a punching bag nor are they there to be intimated.

We expect you to treat the ladies with kindness, speak to them with courtesy and to always keep in mind they are human too.The escorts that come and see you are extremely well mannered, respectful, considerate , highly educated, witty and charming and deserve to be treated like ladies and not as someone who is there for your amusement or to abuse. So when calling our escort agency keep in mind that we will NOT allow anyone of our amazing escorts to be mistreated. We thank you for understanding our position on this matter and we look forward to hearing from you soon! Xoxo