Many people wonder what is the difference between independent escorts in Toronto and agency escorts? In this article we will try to clarify this.

Independent escorts are usually girls who already worked with an escort service before and gained some experience. At some point they decide to work on their own, pay for their own advertisement, answer their own calls and emails and book their own dates. They are their own manager and handle their own bookings.

Agency escorts are female companions who choose to have an agency advertise for them, filter and handle all calls and bookings for them, screen the clients for their safety, provide them with a driver and photography services. Basically this gives them more time for their personal life and their only job is to go to the appointment

Either way “agency escorts” or “independent escort” are still all independent female companion. They all choose when they work and who they see and make their rules.

There is really no difference between independent escorts in Toronto and agency escorts. 

As a client you might wonder why should I call an escort service in Toronto when I can speak directly with an independent escort.

We will tell you exactly what we tell our girls. Safety and privacy. Just as dangerous as it can get for escorts things can be the other way around as well.

Our escort agency girls are all verified and we make sure our ladies are drugs and drama free. When we send our escorts to you, your private information such as your last name or your phone number will be shared with absolutely no one. Everything will be kept confidential and the lady will only know where her booking is and your alias name.

Now that we explained to you the difference between hiring an escort service in Toronto or an independent escort in Toronto we will let you make your choice. Either choice you make please keep in mind that all ladies in our agency are independent escorts.