How To Act When Booking An Escort

When you call our Toronto escort service our ideal client is someone who is polite, and straight to the subject.

Our friendly receptionist will always be more than happy to help you pick someone you like. 

Please keep in mind that the receptionist will not answer any inappropriate questions and she will not give any private information about any of the escorts such as their real names, phone number or face photos. As a matter a fact she will not be able to send you any photos of the ladies as her job is to book appointments and that’s all.

Please provide the receptionist with the correct phone number, you full name and proper Toronto address. This will make it easier for the receptionist to verify you. Keep in mind that if she feels you give her false informations she will not book the appointment. 

Here is an example of how a booking can go:

Let’s say you decided to book Angelina. You can inquire about her age her personality her stats, her background and what clothing she will be wearing when she comes to meet you on a date. You can also ask about the escorts rates and estimated arrival time.

Most of our escorts prefer having at least 1 hour notice so please do not expect to have someone at your door in 15 minutes. It will not be possible. 

If the girl is late please call the agency and the receptionist will let you know how much longer she will take.

Once the escort of your choice arrives please be polite and a gentlemen at all times. Do not ask her questions about services, do not ask her to do something that will make her uncomfortable and do not ask her to do anything illegal. Please remember the lady is there for time and companionship and that’s all. You can offer her a drink from an unopened bottle and get to know her. Please make sure you don’t take longer than 10 minutes to give the lady her donation.

If for some reason the escort who came is not what you were expecting please let the her know politely that you will not be spending time with her. You can pay her the travel fee and that’s all. You can also call the agency back and ask the receptionist to send you someone else.

If you decide to keep the lady please be polite and make sure the lady enjoys your company just as much as you do. Remember that she will have to stay in touch with the agency and that one of our drivers will be waiting downstairs for her for her own safety.

Any questions you might have you can always call our escorts agency and we will be glad to help.